Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Life as a law undergraduate

I'm really grateful to former Loreto law student Mesrah Azam for agreeing to do a guest post for the blog on what it's like to study Law at MMU:

"Heyy to everyone who actually checks out this blogspot ;) You are all probably wondering how uni life is like, or even what the law course at university is like. In my experience, university life is something you will enjoy. Obviously since you have done A-level law, you will find it much easier in your 1st year, because you go through the same topics as you did in your 1st year and 2nd year of A-level. But you also get opened to new views and new criticisms of the law.

I've even start reading quality newspapers such as the Independent, and I can ensure you that the only paper I read back in college was the Metro on the bus! You may find some times during university life that it is hard or too much reading to do, but my advice to you all is that do not whatsoever think that you have the easy route, you have always got to be reading over your work and doing that little extra background reading, trust me you will feel much more confident throughout your academic period.

Honestly there are lecturers who will never let you have the easy way, so you have to prove to them and yourself that u can do it! But do not for one minute think you can get away having the easy route, because it is true when people say, if you want something so badly, you are the one who has to put the effort in, nobody else just you!

Other than the academic side, you have to most definitely actually have a life :P University life comes once in a lifetime when you're young, so take this opportunity and have some fun!!! :D

Taking a new step is always scary, but if you have that full on confidence in you then I can guarantee you that you will succeed and have the time of your life!! Besides if you are really stuck then I'm sure Mr Howells can help you out! Best of luck to you all with all your studies ahead of you! :) and most importantly HAVE FUN!! :D (Mesrah)"

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