Thursday, 18 June 2009

Can kids be criminals?

There's a really good discussion on Radio 4's Law in Action programme here, or download the free podcast of it here.

Can younger children know right from wrong?

Can they anticipate the true consequences of their actions?

Can they understand complicated court proceedings?

So, what do you think the age of criminal responsibility should be? 10? 12? 14? 18? Thousands of crimes are committed by the under 10s, but are we demonising our kids?
Complete the poll on the right - but read the article or listen to the discussion first!

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  1. If these children are under 16 then the fault goes on the parents. The law does have community sentences which gives justice to those harmed by any kind of crime and punishes those who have committed the crime. If these children are 18 or over they are no longer children they are known has adults in the society and they have a sense of maturity and understanding which is why they are given the opputunity to get a job and go to college and educate themselves rather than going around and creating havoc.
    As for the question Can they understand complicated court proceedings? well firstly it's a case of general knowledge. they should know that committing a crime leads to serious punishment. Young offenders aren't given harsh punishment maybe some community service will put them straight.
    As for the second question Can they anticipate the true consequences of their actions?
    This is a debate on age and level of maturity and understanding. under 16s are still considered to be immature and less of knowledge so if they do unexpectedly commit a crime the punishment should be given to the parent for not teaching their children. as for over 18s they are old enough to think for themselves and the consequences for their actions the same rule goes for 16 and 17 year olds they are no longer little children they turning into mature adults.

    Falak Tabassum


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