Wednesday, 4 March 2009

A modern miscarriage of justice...

When we teach police powers we often explain the need for PACE, etc by reference to various miscarriages of justice in the 1970s such as the Guildford Four and Birmingham Six. The implication is that, post-PACE, miscarriages of justice are a thing of the past. The following story gives the lie to this idea:

Three men were jailed in Cardiff in 1990 for the murder of a 20-year old girl (pictured).

All three were subsequently released, with the real perpetrator admitting to the murder and getting life imprisonment in 2003.

Subsequently, three witnesses from the original trial were convicted of perjury (lying in court) at the original trial.

Now 13 police officers are to be charged with perverting the course of justice. it is alleged that they "moulded, manipulated and fabricated" evidence.

Full story here.

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