Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The Taxpayers' Alliance

...are a very successful pressure group.

For the effect a well-organised and well-funded group can have, read Polly Toynbee's critical article here.

Question: do the Taxpayers' Alliance really represent all taxpayers, or just those of a certain political view?

By the way - anyone who has done Bad Science in General Studies will recognise some of the statistical tricks the Taxpayers' Alliance seem to use!

There is also a clear link here to the role of the media in influencing the law - some newspapers consistently give the TPA coverage (look at all the Daily Mail stories quoting them, for example) allowing them to influence voters - which is just what pressure groups are for, whether you agree with their politics or not!

Great article here on how a group far to the right of the Tories manage to get so much publicity - three articles a day in the national press, compared to only a few per year achieved by the opposing Tax Justice Network...

Finally, have a look at the alternative "Real" Taxpayers' Alliance for a different view!

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