Thursday, 5 February 2009

Pressure Groups

...are one of the influences on law reform. Here are some examples:

Fathers 4 Justice - Father's rights
Liberty - Human rights and individual freedom
Amnesty International - Human Rights
Plane Stupid - Climate Change
Mothers Against Violence - does what it says on the tin
Stonewall -Gay, Lesbian and Transgender equality
Countryside Alliance - Campaigns on rural issues
Greenpeace - the environment
The Fawcett Society - campaigns for sexual equality

TASK for AS Group W2 (Monday Am, Thurs PM class): Write 150 words outlining the aims of one of these groups. What changes to the law would they like to see?

Email your answer to Mr Howells in time for the start of the next lesson...

Also, have a look at the BBC's documentary on Fathers 4 Justice below:

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