Monday, 12 January 2009

How was it for you?

How did you get on in your AS Law exam? I thought it was a fair paper.

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In other news, the system for appointing QCs (the highest rank of barrister) is still biased, according to solicitors. Well, who'da thunk it?


  1. Well I found that pretty okay and not too bad. I was very shocked to see a Juries Question and that too on Qualification and Procedures. I would have thought it'd be on Crminial and Civil roles still not too challenging but I think it was pretty easy question to pick up thirty marks on.
    I found the ADR and Barrister training and complaints okay. They were'nt too bad and I don't think this was a bad paper it as in the middle not too hard not too easy. i hope the examiners keep it like this it's great! I found that i could do all the questions apart from ofcourse the legal funding question. We had basically covered all the areas in a detailed way so personally i'm hoping to get a good grade but I still don't want t keep my hopes up sincee the examiners may change the grade boundries if they go up that's tough for us all but if they go down then thats great!!

    Falak Tabassum

  2. the exam was actually ok.
    erm the second question on traionig of magistrates and complaints was not that bad . and i also liked question 7 on aims of sentencing. thats only because i was in a revision session in the morning and we looked at a similar exam question
    overall i thought that the exam would be really hard but it was not that bad.
    . reita

  3. Not good not bad won't know till i get the results..

  4. the exam went better than i expected. i didnt think it was easy or hard just in the middle. well i used the whole of the two hours up so that should be a good sign well i hope it is.


  5. I felt that the exam went really well.
    i'll just have to wait and see what my results have to say.

  6. DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED, horrible, disturbingly dreadfull examination !!

  7. Well, I thought the exam could of been worse, but none of my really confident topics came up like Civil Courts Appeals or Selection and Training Of Lay Magistrates.
    I still felt I did reasonably well, but the "b" parts to the question were a bit awkward and probably would be my downfall if I wasn't to get a really high mark.
    But who knows, if I get an A, I'll be overjoyed, but I'll be happy with a B from this exam.

    Ryan Watson

  8. Muhammed Vedachhia14 January 2009 at 14:27


    Exam went alright, but i had revised all the hard topics but none of which actually came up, the questions were fairly easy however i had not revised them in depth..

    Anyway.. gta wait and see wht grade i get.

  9. The exam went well.....but u never no....i will have to wait till i get my results to say!

    Adam Ahmed

  10. The exam went fine i think i did alright on it that means not terrible but not unbelievably well either as questions i liked what was on the paper particularly, I was happy juries, ADR, and barristers when they cropped up because i found it easy to revise and remember them also i was relieved that appeals wasn't on the exam at all cause it wasn't my strongest subject and i struggled to understand and get to grips with that section of the topic.

    Matthew McDonnell

  11. I thought the law exam was an absolute dream with ADR and Juries being the absolute, highlight of the day. I don't know about anyone else but I wanted to get up and dance when I opened the paper, after the initial shock of the first question which he hadn't covered in the syllabus.
    Good luck to everyone in Law! :)

  12. there's nothing like sincerity is there Daniel?!

  13. Found it quite easy, nothing too hard,the most easy topics came up for example juries and ADR and the hardest topics did not luckily.I also found the part B questions suprisingly easy as i thought they were going to be much harder.

    Luke Gallagher

  14. I think the exam was pretty straight forward and was happy with the Juries and ADR coming up. I think the questions didnt need as much thought and effort into remembering different acts and sections etc.
    Josh B

  15. I think the exam was a lot easier than I expected. Wasn't easy but definately easier than the mock. I was lucky that most the stuff that I knew best came up so was releaved when I opened the exam paper and had a choice of questions - (in the mocks I choose question based on which ones I knew at least something about!). But yea, went well I reckon :D

    Declan Campbell

  16. Was lucky to have covered aims of sentencing just before the exam.
    Still abit tricky though

    Gary Molloy

  17. It was easier because we have covered ADR, Juries, Barristers and Aim of Sentencing.

  18. i think the test was a lot easier than the mock for some reason. i think i have done a lot better than i thought i would

  19. Hmmm,, well for me the exam was quite good, although i am afraid of the overall result because my mind did go completely blank at the begining of the exam but into 5 minutes i was writing up my essay for ADR. I have to say a big THANK YOU to MRS. Standing for teaching us ADR briefly just before the holidays,, otherwise i was definetly sure i would never pick that question, but at the end i did.
    So, thank you Mrs. Standing!!
    Another question i think i did really well on was BAIL!! Because i knew this inside out as well as the statutes. =)
    However, truthfully i forgot most of Juries and i am very bad at the evaluation points so therfore i will be very pleased to get a grade 'C' in the least. But i really enjoyed this part of LAW.. and it has somehow encouraged me to do it in University hopefully if i can get in with it!!
    OMG - police powers was great!!!
    completely... speachless!!!
    i really wish i have Mrs. Standing next year for A2! She's an amazing teacher!!

    Saera Sheiakh M16

  20. Mrs Vollam is the best!
    Absolutely amazing teacher!

  21. Think it went pretty well used up all the 2 hours so hope ive done well.


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