Saturday, 15 November 2008

42 days - ace speech by Diane Abbott

(If video does not display click here for a transcript).

Is she right? Let me know what you think - make a comment!

Is the law tough enough as it is? The government and some tories think not!

For more on the government's (now doomed?) proposals and an analysis of the position in other countries have a read of this and this...


  1. I think 42 days is adequate time because the woman said as a Terrorist "you only need 1 lucky chance". I agree with this so why give them this chance, at least by incapicatating them for 2 months you can prevent terrorist attacks, by interrogating them about the massive network of terrorists that they probably have knowledge of, possible future plots and associates, affiliations of IRA ALqueda etc.. Even though this detention is long I think it is reasonsable as two months is shorter than if someone was killed ny a bomb thin kabout the amount of moths lost then.. frm CL

  2. I think that they should leave it at 28 days because allthough they may catch terrorists and 42 days would give them more time whatt about if they kept somebody who wasnt a terrorist, 2months is long 2 keep somebody who isnt guilyy

  3. I believe that 42 days is too long to detain someone in a prison without charging them with anything. Fair enough, terrorism is a big problem, but the police will abuse this 42 days thing because they will just arrest anyone they think are terrorists. Asian males will feel really hard done by because of this and they would feel that their freedom is being taken away from them. I believe 28 days is long enough to detain someone without charge and gain sufficient evidence for/or against someone committing a crime.

    Ryan Watson

  4. I think she is absolutely right :)

  5. I think that 42 isn't long enough for Terror suspects to be detained, I think it should be 60 days at least, two months isn't alot of time, especially when they could be taking years of people lives away from them and also possible years of reparing the damages they caused.
    42 isn't a long time in the long run and I'm sure alot of terrorists could withhold imfomation for longer than that time, even if they are in prison, if it was me it would probably make me even more determined to commit an act of terrorism.

    Joe M.

  6. i think she is right. she has a very strong argument. she fights for her rights and is straight with every person she is talking to. she takes it all seriously about terrorism and votes and how they can win the votes but not the arguments and etc.

  7. I believe what diane abott says is completely right. its not right to keep someone detained for 42days as this would lead to riots outside police stations, in public places and causing more harm to people and could lead to the muslim community feeling targeted and gaining less protection from the police and could lead to a downfall where more terrorism could actually take place. plus 42 days is a very long time!


  8. I think 28 days is enough because if they have'nt done no harm and they have just been suspected for that long even its a waste of time for both people, its basically a month imagine that long being in jail for not doing nothing and 28days should be enough time to gather evidence on them at the most


  9. i dont think shes right but i do think it should be extended to a more longer period like 35 days becuase this will allow more time for the police find wether the defendant is guilty or not.


  10. I think they should leave it at 28 days because 28 days is long enough for the police to find out weather or not someone is guilty. Keeping someone who is innocent for 42 days without charge is too long. However if the police think they need more time they should be allowed to apply to the courts and give evidence that backs up there suspicions. Also if the police are allowed to detain someone for 42 days they will abuse this power.

  11. If you are innocent, no-one can give you those 42 days back - ever.

    If you are guilty it gives you lots of time to concoct your story.

    So in other words i think 42 days is a bit nuts.

    Liam Corris.

  12. 42 days is to long to detain someone if it turns out they have done nothing; however is it fair that? would Compensation work? I doubt it becasue time is time and it can never be given back to someone. I think the matter is deeper than just keeping people in detention for 42 days; wouldnt work. there are issues such as intergration which are more important.

    In some countries the police forces have the resouces to detain people for a week to investigate and then charge or let go. Therefore I would suggest that alought time is there in the uk I would suggest its not used effeicently.

    who is parliamemt to take away civil liberties? I would suggest that they cant generalies on such an issue it needs to specific to the case.


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