Monday, 13 October 2008

Dickinson v Dodds - prize quest!

A2 Students - The Times Law Reports are a great source of legal info - they've been reporting on English cases for centuries and you can read their well-written reports online now.

Have a look, for example, at Dickinson v Dodds from way back in 1876. The picture on the left shows where a key scene in this case took place!

Answer the following questions:

1. Which Court was this case heard in?
2. Which Judges heard it?
3. What did the Defendant, John Dodds, do for a living?
4. When and where did Dickinson find out that someone else had got their hands on the property first?
5. Who had "won" this case previously, and who was appealing?
6. "The Vice Chancellor decreed specific performance". What does this mean?
7. What legal principle comes from this case?

You might have to do some more research for question 6...

First complete and correct answer from an A2 student emailed to Mr Howells wins a prize!

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